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How We Do It | Gemma Communication

How We Do It

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Project And Risk Management

At Gemma, we understand the risks associated with transitioning your business. That’s why we follow a Risk Management Framework that applies the basic principles of good governance to the identification, assessment, prioritization, management and communication of risks. We also incorporate accountability, participation and transparency within the procedures and structures by which risk-related decisions are made and implemented.

When it comes to project management, we apply a streamlined process in order to effectively implement your solution. Our experienced staff will work with your team to develop a timeline and project implementation plan that keeps your company’s objectives in mind and ensures a seamless transition with minimal risk.

We have developed a standard project implementation framework that includes:

  • Working with your team to document business, reporting and audit requirements;
  • Maintaining on-going communication with your IT and Operations teams during program rollout;
  • Assigning a dedicated Client Director to ensure post-implementation and on-going needs are prioritized and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

By following these Frameworks, Gemma will get your business up and running quickly, seamlessly and with minimal risk. These same methodologies will also be applied to any changes once your program is live.

Our qualified Human Resources staff will recruit Agents based on the needs of your business and provide them with hands-on, program-specific training created by our team to prepare and ready them for day one.

Gemma’s best-in-class technology, skilled agents and dedicated support staff will provide your customers with the level of service and quality they both deserve and expect from your company.


Information Technology is the foundation of everything we do for our clients. This requires a secure, robust and reliable state of the art infrastructure and service platform with Risk and Compliance being the guiding principles.

Gemma has implemented industry leading technology, ranging from Virtualization, Omni-Channel IVR, market-leading Workforce Management and Big Data & Business Intelligence analytics, to service today’s clients and support tomorrow’s applications.

In-house Integration and Customization icon

In-house Integration & Customization

Our core applications and reporting infrastructure are built using industry-leading platforms and in-house customization. Whether it is onshore or offshore, cloud-based or on-site, our solution oriented approach allows us to integrate with any client infrastructure and application. Gemma’s in-house developers can quickly, and cost effectively, provide our clients with feature rich customization, data for analytics and rapid speed to market. Netgemma (agent front-end scripting and CRM), Call Monitoring (Quality Assurance and Compliance Module), Gemma V (Backend Verification), HR (Full employee lifecycle) and our ticketing and knowledge base applications have grown to become industry competitive while providing an uncontested level of customization.

Multi-channel Environment icon

Multi-channel Environment

Gemma recognizes that there is an increased demand for alternate contact channels to support our clients’ customers. As a result, Gemma provides Email, Chat, SMS and Video as alternate and complimentary services. Gemma aims to provide the end-user with an omni-channel experience, giving the customer the ability to switch between channels and continue their transaction without interruption.

Availability and Redundancy icon

Availability and Redundancy

Gemma’s Core infrastructure resides at a secure and certified Tier III data centre that guarantees 100% uptime.

The data centre resides on diverse power grids and is backed up by redundant UPS and Diesel generators that maintain continuous availability. It also uses advanced, target-specific fire suppression and two-factor authentication that utilizes biometrics. The workstations are connected to a UPS for uninterrupted and continued serviceability to our clients.

At Gemma, our network is connected by diverse MPLS links with supporting redundant Internet connectivity through agnostic carriers at the data centre. All critical components have a primary backup device and are built and designed with dual power supplies, failover drive configuration and logical distribution of resources.

We will also work with our clients to create a customized disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Scalability icon


Gemma’s infrastructure and applications can be scaled to any size. Both application and network can scale indefinitely in a fraction of the time compared to traditional technology. This is made possible with virtualized architecture, an MPLS network and an infrastructure that exceeds performance and capacity demands.

Security and Compliance icon

Security and Compliance

Gemma utilizes best-in-class AES-256 bit data encryption. Access is provided on a least-privileged basis and monthly audit reviews of accounts and permissions are conducted.

In addition to built-in security logging and analytics on its network and applications, we use best-in-class audit and forensic grade software for monitoring, data analytics and alerting.

Gemma is PCI compliant and follows best practices from HIPAA, ISO 27002 and COBIT. We have implemented many of our own proprietary risk and audit methodologies, which have been adopted by clients and partners alike.

Transparency icon


Gemma offers remote and on-site listening capabilities in a fully secured and auditable environment via software built with PCI best practices and employs two-factor authentication and cradle to grave logging.